Digital Marketing Roadmap


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The digital marketing roadmap looks at your market and suggests several sales funnel-building strategies. Usually, we use available data on the internet plus data gathered during an in-depth interview with the company to create the roadmap. We spend around 12-20 hours building the digital marketing roadmap and usually, it will be around 2500-3500 words. This is a must-have document and can help you achieve your marketing goals with an omnichannel approach.

All in all, the roadmap encompasses the following issues:

Included Hours (To provide you with greater transparency, we bill what we do by the hour, and we create a digital marketing roadmap tailored to your needs) 12-20
Situational Analysis
PESTEL Analysis x
SWOT Analysis x
Product Benchmarking x
Competition Analysis x
Channel Analysis (At least 3 channels)
(Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning)

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