Build a digital marketing roadmap

Your journey in Ravello Lab has two phases. In step one, we build a digital marketing roadmap for you. Then, we invite you to embark on a digital marketing journey by following the roadmap.

To be transparent and flexible, we create a bespoke marketing roadmap to meet your needs, and together we will decide how to move on with the plan.

Step One: Digital Marketing Roadmap

Digital Marketing Roadmap
900 Pounds
(Enjoy a 30% discount when you start using our services)
Included Hours (To provide you with greater transparency, we bill what we do by the hour, and we create a digital marketing roadmap tailored to your needs)12-20
Situational Analysis
PESTEL Analysisx
SWOT Analysisx
Product Benchmarkingx
Competition Analysisx
(Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning)
Channel Analysisx

Step Two: Digital Marketing Campaigns & Execution

For step two, you can choose between a “Linear sales funnel” or a “Non-linear sale funnel”.

In building a linear sale funnel, we focus on the best linear channels to pull your prospective customers down the funnel.

In a Non-linear funnel, we try to map all the channels that your prospective customers use to interact with your product or service.

It is called Non-linear because a prospect might read something on a website, then go and watch a Youtube review, then come back and Browse their Instagram feed, and then go back again to the website and order the product.

By knowing the customer’s behaviour we can create an omnichannel digital marketing roadmap that fills the “preference gap”. That means you will always be one step ahead of your prospective customer by knowing where they “prefer” to be.

If after receiving the digital marketing roadmap you want to continue with step 2, either Book a call or go right ahead and place an order and we will get back to you to craft a digital marketing campaign together.

Linear Sales FunnelNon-Linear Sales FunnelCustomised Service Based on Your Needs
3 Months6 MonthsLet us talk about it
Per month
Per month
Book a Call Now
Drop Us a Note
Included Hours (To provide you with greater transparency, we bill what we do by the hour, and we create a digital marketing roadmap tailored to your needs)15-20
Per month
Per month
WhatsApp Us
 Constant contact with our marketing experts through WhatsAppx
Sales Funnel BuildingLinear: 3 ChannelsNon-linear: 5 Channels
Persona BuildingTwo personasFour personas
Objective Setting2 objectives4 objectives
Strategy & KPI Setting (RACE Framework)8 strategies (2 for each layer of the funnel)16 strategies (4 for each layer of the funnel
Marketing BriefsBriefs for 8 strategiesBriefs for 16 strategies
Content Calendarxx
Content and Creatives Creationxx
Action Planxx
Campaign Implementation and Optimisationxx
Google Studio Dashboardx
Weekly Reportingxx
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DIY your digital marketing (With the help of a consultant)

Primary Care *1Specialist Care *2
50 Pounds100 Pounds
Telephone/Video chat consultation1 Session (30 Min)1 Session (30 Min)
WhatsApp chatOne to three follow up discussionsOne to three follow up discussions
Book NowBook Now

*1 Primary care includes consultation about general aspects of digital marketing (This is more like what a family GP provides). A digital marketer with broad knowledge about digital marketing will be assigned to you. If they cannot answer your questions they will refer you to a specialist.

*2 Specialist care includes consultation about specific aspects of digital marketing. (For example, the consultants can help you optimise your website’s Core Web Vitals.)