A funnel is shown with different digital marketing channels that can be used to create a digital marketing roadmap.

Digital Marketing Roadmaps
for small businesses

We help you reach your prospective customers in the digital space with tools and know-how that big companies use. Before everything, we create a bespoke digital marketing roadmap for you (At least, 3000 words), and then, according to the roadmap, we pull your prospective customers down the sales funnel to generate income.

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We go above and beyond your order… and create the awe factor.

Step 1: The Holistic View

When you contact us to order, let us say, even a few Instagram posts, we still need to gather a lot of information about your business. This is why whatever we do at Ravello Lab, starts with a preliminary digital marketing roadmap. When the roadmap becomes ready, it provides a holistic view of your market and then, together, we can decide how best we achieve your business goals. The roadmap looks at the following issues:
  • Your Market (Situational analysis)
  • Digital channels useful for your business
  • Buyer Personas
  • Competitors
  • STP (Segmentation/Targeting/Positioning)
  • Suitable funnels for your business
  • Strategies to pull the prospective customers from TOFU to MOFU to BOFU
  • Strategies to make customers buy again and again

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Step 2: Creating & Executing the Campaigns

A prospective customer may search for something on Google (Search marketing), enter a website (SEO), download a catalogue (content creation), and be persuaded through a newsletter (Email marketing) to buy a product on a shopping platform (E-commerce).

With the roadmap at hand, we will be able to define bespoke strategies for each one of these channels to meet your goals.

Our team is as diverse as digital marketing itself. Therefore, we can help you build a successful marketing strategy by using the following digital marketing categories:

Core Marketing

Strategy and planning
Omnichannel marketing

Data analysis

Funnel Building

Social media
Landing page creation
Email Marketing & automation
Paid advertisement
Video advertisement
Mobile marketing

Search Marketing

Website development
Shopify & E-commerce

Customer Management

Customer relationship
Customer tracking
User experience

Inbound Marketing

Content marketing

Creative Content

Video editing
Graphic design

We Can Help You Do It Yourself

If you decide to go on with our roadmap, but you want to do it yourself we can help you plan and execute the campaigns.

We will provide you with the tools and know-how to effectively drive sales and engagement while easily managing the performance yourself.

A digital marketing strategist (Just like a family GP) will be dedicated to providing you with tips and solutions. They will be on call all the time and always one click away.

As you grow your business, based on the roadmap that we specially tailor for your business, we will introduce you to a pool of digital marketing specialists.

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The Awe Factor

I am impressed… that’s awesome… information is perfect and I am ready to go…

TheHealthyChefofEssex, after receiving the roadmap

”Thank you so much… You went the extra mile. All the points that you made were accurate and viable…”

Immigrant Women in Business in Canada

”A thousand thank you for your help.”

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See It For Yourself

Some companies who promise a “Marketing plan” only deliver a cliche template. But our bespoke digital marketing roadmaps are tailored to your needs. Below you will find a few samples. We usually spend around 16 to 20 hours preparing them. Click on the icons below to see the samples.

Meet The Founder

Barry (Barmak) Bahrehmand

Hi, I am Barry and I’m on a mission to make funnel building easier, fun and of course more profitable for small businesses.

After providing consultations to numerous companies, I came up with a digital marketing roadmap that every time I create it, I receive lots of applause and thank you notes. So, I thought perhaps it is time to scale on that and here I am.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you also want to receive your digital marketing roadmap and Enjoy a 30% discount when you start using our services. This roadmap will be the foundation of your digital marketing activities. It will be all customized and bespoke to your needs and be assured that it can help you look into the future and achieve your digital marketing goals. And then, we can build and execute a successful marketing campaign on top of it.